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Okay, I hate to admit it, but sometimes I like synchronous methods. Usually when writing one-off administrative scripts, or boot actions.

The fd module has readFileSync but so far there is no execSync.

I wanted a synchronous exec module that has no dependencies.


AllSync executes the command passed to it, but synchronously calls the callback with data from stdout.

allsync = require("allsync");
allsync.exec( "find /", function(data){

The above will not print Done! until the child process exits.


At this time, AllSync does not capture stderr, if you want it you will have to redirect stderr in your command.

allsync.exec( "find / 2>&1", function(data){...});

Finally, AllSync returns with the exit code of the sub process.

var code = allsync.exec( "rm -rf /", function(data){...});
console.log("Child Process Exited with Code %d", code);