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Ali - Accessible Learning Interactions

Ali is a set of learning interactions for delivery in any eLearning platform that supports HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.

For information on implementing the components in your environment and to see samples, style bindings and events, please visit the documentation site.

The guiding principles for the project and the components themselves are:

  1. Accessibility: Every component complies with WCAG AA or better and ARIA is used to appropriately indicate functionality and state.
  2. Responsive: While the primary target is Desktop and Tablet devices, every component works on smaller screens.
  3. Reusable: Configuration of a component is handled in HTML. While custom themes require knowledge of CSS (or SASS), basic use of the components require only a general understanding of HTML.

The interactions graphic design is usable but intentionally generic so that you can apply your own custom styles.

The components currently require jQuery 2.x. Learners utilizing the components are functional on Internet Explorer 10, 11 and newer "evergreen" browsers, such a Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge.

Take a look at the issues for this project to see where we're going, make suggestions or tell us if something doesn't quite work or if you know how to make things better.

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