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    Note: If you're looking for the Blockstack CLI repo it was merged with Blockstack Core.


    $ npm install aladinnetwork-blockstack

    You can import aladin.js as a script without using a package manager. To securely use the latest distribution of blockstack.js from a CDN, add the mdincludes/ script in your application.


    Blockstack JS is a library for profiles/identity, authentication, and storage.

    The authentication portion of this library can be used to:

    1. create an authentication request
    2. create an authentication response

    The profiles/identity portion of this library can be used to:

    1. transform a JSON profile into cryptographically-signed tokens
    2. recover a JSON profile from signed tokens
    3. validate signed profile tokens

    The storage portion of this library can be used to:

    1. store and retrieve your app's data in storage that is controlled by the user

    Note: this document uses ES6 in its examples but it is compiled down to Javascript (ES5) and is perfectly compatible with it. If you're using the latter, just make a few adjustments to the examples below (e.g. use "let" instead of "var").




    Note: blockstack.js 0.14.0 and newer versions use a new on-disk format that is not backward compatible with prior versions.


    This repository uses the git flow branching mode.

    The latest released code as deployed to npm is in master and the latest delivered development changes for the next release are in develop.

    We use the git-flow-avh plugin.

    Please send pull requests against develop. Pull requests should include tests, flow static type annotations and be lint free.

    Github issues marked help-wanted are great places to start. Please ask in a github issue or slack before embarking on larger issues that aren't labeled as help wanted or adding additional functionality so that we can make sure your contribution can be included!


    This repository is maintained by


    $ npm run test
    We test on the "Active LTS" version of Node.

    Testing in a browser

    This test will only work with your browser's Cross-Origin Restrictions disabled.

    Run npm run compile; npm run browserify before opening the file test.html in your browser.


    • git flow release start <version>
    • Add section to
    • Increment version in package.json and commit
    • npm publish
    • Commit built documentation and distribution
    • git flow release finish


    npm i aladinnetwork-blockstack

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