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    Akkordeon 🗂️

    An easy to hack, accessible, 0 dependency accordion


    Main features

    • Accessible
    • No dependencies
    • Configurable delay to toggle an element
    • Can open multiple panels
    • Can open an element by default
    • Callback when element is toggled

    🚶‍♂️ Getting started

    Install with npm install akkordeon or yarn add akkordeon

    Create your dom with the mandatory css classes from the following example and make sure you have an even number of elements, otherwise the library won't work

      <dl id="my-accordion" class="Akkordeon">
        <dt class="Akkordeon-title">Section 1</dt>
        <dd class="Akkordeon-content">
          <p>Section 1 Content...</p>
        <dt class="Akkordeon-title">Section 2</dt>
        <dd class="Akkordeon-content">
          <p>Section 2 Content...</p>
        <dt class="Akkordeon-title">Section 3</dt>
        <dd class="Akkordeon-content">
          <p>Section 3 Content...</p>

    Include the Akkordeon class and import the styles

      import { Akkordeon } from 'akkordeon'
      import 'akkordeon/dist/main.css'
      // Example of how to instantiate
      const element = document.getElementById("my-accordion")
      new Akkorden(element)

    Why icon on the left? 🤷

    There is big debate as to where an accordion icon should be located, based on the research done by Viger, it's clearer for users to put the icon on the left side with a plus symbol


    Config Description Type Default
    defaultOpenedIndex Open an element ad specified index when accordion is loaded number null
    delay Time it takes for the animation to toggle an element when clicked number 400
    onToggle Callback when element is clicked (titleElement: Element, contentElement: Element, index: number) => {} null
    canOpenMultiple Enable opening multiple elements boolean false

    Public methods

    Method Description
    toggleAtIndex(index: number) Toggles element at index
    insertNewTitleContentPair(title: string, content: string) Adds new element to accordion with respective title and content

    👨‍💻 Development

    Just run npm install and you should be ready to go


    Use SUIT for naming classes


    npm i akkordeon

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