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This package should be used directly only for development purposes; end users will get it through other projects, such as AirDC++ Web Client. Normal feature request and bug reports should also be posted on AirDC++ Web Client's issue tracker.

AirDC++ Web UI written in Javascript. Communicates with AirDC++ Core via AirDC++ Web API.

Installing dependencies

You must have Node installed before continuing. It's also recommended to ensure that your version of Node comes with npm 3 or newer (check with npm -v) as older versions may cause errors during the build process. See this guide for upgrading instructions.

The following commands should be run in the main directory of the cloned repository.

Install dependencies:

$ npm install

Production build

Run the command

$ npm run build

Running the integrated development server

The integrated server connects to AirDC++ Web API through the default port 5600. When the server is running, open your browser and navigate to http://localhost:3000

You may start the server by running

$ npm start

Changes made to the source will be updated instantly to the browser while the server is running (there is no need to run the build command).

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