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Get Started with Agora Chat UIKit for Web


agora-chat-uikit is a UI component library based on the Chat SDK. It provides pure UI components, module components containing chat business logic, and container components, which allows users to customize using renderX method. agora-chat-uikit provides a provider to manage data. The provider automatically listens for chat SDK events to update data and drive UI updates. Developers can use the library to quickly build custom IM applications based on actual business requirements.

Technical principles

UIKIt consists of three parts: UI component, mobx store for managing data, chat SDK. UI components include container components, composite Components module, and pure UI components. These components at different levels are exposed to the outside world. Users can reference any of these components to build their own applications. UIkit uses mobx to manage global data, and users can reference the rootStore to get all the data and the action method, which can be used to modify the data. UIKit integrates chat SDK internally and interacts with the server through chat SDK.


The agora-chat-uikit library provides the following functions:

  • Automatic layout to match the width and height of the container;
  • Send and receive messages, message display, message unread count, clear messages, message types include: (text, picture, file, expression, audio, video message);
  • Search for and delete conversation.
  • Customize the UI.
module function description
Conversation List
Display conversation information Display information such as avatars, nicknames, last message, unread message count etc. of the conversation
Delete conversation Deletes the conversation from the conversation list
Message sender Support to send text, emoji, picture, file, voice
Display message Single or group chat message display, including profile avatar, nickname, message content, time, sent status, and read status. Message types include text, picture, video, file, and voice
Operate on messages Including editing, deleting, replying, recalling, translating, selecting, reacting, threading, and other operations on messages


In order to follow the procedure in this page, you must have:

Compatible browsers

Browser Supported Version
IE 11 or later
Edge 43 or later
Firefox 10 or later
Chrome 54 or later
Safari 11 or later


URL Preview Limitations:If a website does not have cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) configured, it may lead to issues with URL resolution. CORS is a security mechanism that restricts cross-origin requests initiated from a web browser. When a cross-origin request is made from a web page using JavaScript or other client-side technologies, the browser sends a preflight request (OPTIONS request) to confirm whether the target server allows the cross-origin request. If the target server is not properly configured for CORS, the browser rejects the cross-origin request, resulting in the inability to access and resolve the URL. It's important to note that CORS restrictions are enforced by the browser as a security policy, and they only apply to cross-origin requests initiated from the client-side. If URL resolution is performed on the server-side, it usually won't be subject to CORS limitations. In such cases, URL resolution can be directly performed on the server-side without the need for client-side scripting to initiate the request.

Project setup

1. Create a Web Chat UIKit project

# Install a CLI tool.
npm install create-react-app
# Create an my-app project.
npx create-react-app my-app
cd my-app
The project directory.

├── package.json
├── public # The static directory of Webpack.
│ ├── favicon.ico
│ ├── index.html # The default single-page app.
│ └── manifest.json
├── src
│ ├── App.css # The CSS of the app's root component.
│ ├── App.js # The app component code.
│ ├── App.test.js
│ ├── index.css # The style of the startup file.
│ ├── index.js # The startup file.
│ ├── logo.svg
│ └── serviceWorker.js
└── yarn.lock

2. Integrate the Web Chat UIKit

Install the Web Chat UIKit

  • To install the Web Chat UIKit with npm, run the following command:
npm install agora-chat-uikit --save
  • To Install Agora chat UIKit for Web with Yarn, run the following command:
yarn add agora-chat-uikit

Build the application using the agora-chat-uikit component

Import agora-chat-uikit into your code.

// App.js
import React, { Component, useEffect } from 'react';
import { UIKitProvider, Chat, ConversationList, useClient, rootStore } from 'agora-chat-uikit';
import 'agora-chat-uikit/style.css';

const appKey = 'you app key'; // your appKey
const user = ''; // your user ID
const agoraToken = ''; // agora chat token

const conversation = {
  chatType: 'singleChat', // 'singleChat' || 'groupChat'
  conversationId: 'agora', // target user id or group id
  name: 'Agora', // target user nickname or group name
  lastMessage: {},
const ChatApp = () => {
  const client = useClient();
  useEffect(() => {
    client &&
        .then(res => {
          console.log('get token success', res);
          // create a conversation
  }, [client]);

  return (
        <ConversationList />
        <Chat />

class App extends Component {
  render() {
    return (
        <ChatApp />

export default App;

Run the project and send your first message

npm run start

Now, you can see your app in the browser.

In the default App Key situation, for the convenience of quick experience, we support several types of message distribution by default. After clicking to select a member, enter your first message and send it.


If a custom App Key is used, no contact is available by default and you need to first add contacts or join a group.

Agora provides an open source AgoraChat UIKit web project on GitHub, where you can clone and run the project or reference the logic to create a project that integrates agora-chat-uikit.


agora-chat-uikit Currently provided components:

  • Container components: UIKitProviderChatConversationList;
  • Module components: BaseMessageAudioMessageFileMessageVideoMessageImageMessageTextMessageHeaderEmptyMessageListConversationItemMessageEditorMessageStatus;
  • Pure UI components: AvatarBadgeButtonCheckboxIconModalTooltip;

Container components introduction:

Component Description Props Props Description
UIKitProvider The UIKitProvider does not render any UI but only provides global context for components. It automatically listens to SDK events, transmits data downward, and drives component rendering initConfig: { appkey: string } You can configure appKey
To configure the localized copy, see the parameters of the i18next init method
features Configure the features you need globally. If the required features are also configured in the component, the configuration in the component shall prevail
ConversationList Conversation list component className Component class name
prefix css class name prefix
headerProps Props for the Header component
itemProps Props for the ConversationItem component
renderHeader?: () => React.ReactNode Custom rendering header, which receives a function that returns a react node
renderSearch?: () => React.ReactNode Custom rendering search component, which receives a function that returns a react node
onItemClick?: (data: ConversationData[0]) => void Click on the conversation event to return the data of the current session
onSearch?: (e: React.ChangeEvent) => boolean Search input change event. If the function returns false, it will prevent the default search behavior. Users can search according to their own conditions
Chat Chat component className: string Component CSS class name
prefix: string CSS class name prefix
headerProps: HeaderProps props for Header
messageListProps: MsgListProps Props for the MessageList component
messageEditorProps: MessageEditorProps Props for the MessageEditor component
rtcConfig: ChatProps['rtcConfig'] Parameters required when using audio and video calls
renderHeader: (cvs: CurrentCvs) => React.ReactNode Custom render Header component that takes a function that returns a react node, CurrentCvs is the current conversation
renderMessageList?: () => ReactNode; Custom render message list component
renderMessageEditor?: () => ReactNode; Custom render message sender component
renderEmpty?: () => ReactNode; Custom render empty pages without a conversation


UIKit provides a rootStore that contains all the data. rootStore contains:

  • initConfig: UIKit initializes data
  • client: Chat SDK instance
  • conversationStore: indicates the data related to the conversation list
  • messageStore: indicates message-related data
  • addressStore: indicates the address book data
Store Attribute/Method Description
currentCvs Current conversation
conversationList All conversations
searchList The searched conversations
setCurrentCvs Set the current conversation
setConversation Set all conversations
deleteConversation Delete a conversation
addConversation Add a conversation
topConversation Top a conversation
modifyConversation Modifying a conversation
message All conversation messages, including singleChat, groupChat, byId
currentCvsMsgs Set messages for the current conversation
sendMessage Send a message
receiveMessage Receive a message
modifyMessage Edit a message
sendChannelAck Reply with a channel ack to clear unread data from the conversation
updateMessageStatus Update message status
clearMessage Clear a conversation's messages

How to customize

Example how to customize the Chat component

Modify Component Style

You can modify the style by passing className, style, and prefix through the component props

import { Chat, Button } from 'chatuim2';

const ChatApp = () => {
  return (
      <Chat className="customClass" prefix="custom" />
      <Button style={{ width: '100px' }}>Button</Button>

Using custom components

Custom components can be rendered through the renderX method of container components

import {Chat, Header} from 'agora-chat-uikit'

const ChatApp = () => {
  const CustomHeader = <Header back content="Custom Header">
      <Chat renderHeader={(cvs) => CustomHeader}>

Modify Theme

The UIKit style is developed using the scss framework and defines a series of global style variables, including but not limited to global styles (main color, background color, rounded corners, borders, font size).

// need to use hsla
$blue-base: hsla(203, 100%, 60%, 1);
$green-base: hsla(155, 100%, 60%, 1);
$red-base: hsla(350, 100%, 60%, 1);
$gray-base: hsla(203, 8%, 60%, 1);
$special-base: hsla(220, 36%, 60%, 1);

$font-color: $gray-3;
$title-color: $gray-1;
$component-background: #fff;

$height-base: 36px;
$height-lg: 48px;
$height-sm: 28px;

// vertical margins
$margin-lg: 24px;
$margin-md: 16px;
$margin-sm: 12px;
$margin-xs: 8px;
$margin-xss: 4px;

// vertical paddings
$padding-lg: 24px;
$padding-md: 20px;
$padding-sm: 16px;
$padding-s: 12px;
$padding-xs: 8px;
$padding-xss: 4px;
// font
$font-size-base: 14px;
$font-size-lg: $font-size-base + 2px;
$font-size-sm: 12px;
$text-color: fade($black, 85%);

All variables can be viewed here ''

  1. Use webpack for variable coverage:
module.exports = {
  module: {
    rules: [
        test: /\.s[ac]ss$/i,
        use: [
            loader: 'sass-loader',
            options: {
              additionalData: `@import "@/styles/index.scss";`,
  1. Customize in create-react-app

creating a scss file within variables to override style.scss. Need to ensure the order of importing files

@import 'agora-chat-uikit/style.scss'; // agora-chat-uikit theme
@import 'your-theme.scss'; // your theme
@import 'agora-chat-uikit/components.scss'; // components style

If these cannot meet the customization requirements, you can also find the elements to cover the style of UIKit.

Community Contribution

If you want to add extra functions to agora-chat-uikit to share with others, you can fork our repository on GitHub and create a pull request. For any questions, please also submit it on the repository. Thank you for your contribution!


If you have any problems or suggestions regarding the sample projects, feel free to file an issue.


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  • Dive into Agora SDK Samples to see more tutorials
  • Take a look at Agora Use Case for more complicated real use case
  • Repositories managed by developer communities can be found at Agora Community
  • If you encounter problems during integration, feel free to ask questions in Stack Overflow


The sample projects are under the MIT license.




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