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a Mocha Reporter integration for AFT providing support for AFT plugins, configuration and helpers


> npm i aft-mocha-reporter

Mocha Configuration

using this Reporter requires either calling the mocha command with the following argument --reporter=aft-mocha-reporter or from within a .mocharc.json file like the following:

// .mocharc.json
    "reporter": "aft-mocha-reporter",

AFT Configuration

while no configuration is required, the aft-mocha-reporter supports all AFT configuration via an aftconfig.json file in the root directory.

AFT Helpers

this package comes with two helper classes that can be utilised from within your Mocha specs to make use of AFT features.


the AftTest class extends from the AftTestIntegration class providing the ability to parse the Spec name for any referenced Test. each Test ID must be surrounded with square brackets [ABC123]. you can then either directly call the AftTest.shouldRun() async function which will determine if your test should be run based on any AFT TestExecutionPolicyPlugin instances referenced in your aftconfig.json file or you can call AftTest.verify(assertion) which will perform the AftTest.shouldRun() call and mark the test as skipped if it should not be run. using the AftTest class would look like the following:

!!WARNING!! using arrow functions in your Spec definition IS NOT SUPPORTED if using AftTest because it removes the this scope

describe('YourTestSuite', () => {
    it('can check if test [C1234] should be run', async function() {
        const aft = new AftTest(this);
        await aft.verify(async (v: Verifier) => {
            // `verify` calls `v.test.skip()` if should not be run
            await v.reporter.error('we should never get here if C1234 should not be run');
            const result = await doStuff();
            return result;

which would output the following to your console and any AFT ReportingPlugin instances referenced in your aftconfig.json if the test ID should not be run:

17:52:45 - [YourTestSuite can check if test [C1234] should be run] - WARN - none of the supplied tests should be run: [C1234]
17:52:45 - [YourTestSuite can check if test [C1234] should be run] - WARN - test skipped


  • the AftTest constructors expects to be passed a valid scope containing reference to the currently executing Mocha.Test. typically this will be the this object within your Spec
  • this Mocha Reporter works in both parallel and sequential execution modes, but you MUST ALWAYS use a non-arrow function for your Spec definition if you are using AftTest class within your Spec
  • you can use the AFT Verifier in combination with the AftTest classes like follows:
const aft = new AftTest(this);
await aft.verify((v: Verifier) => {
    /* perform testing here */


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