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    AeroGear Geo Plugin

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    License: Apache License, Version 2.0
    Build: Cordova Plugin
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    Mailing lists: aerogear-users (subscribe)
    aerogear-dev (subscribe)

    This plugin is a collection of tools to make you live easier when using geo posistioning. It provides options to easly create maps that are based openlayers and adds some helpers to do some typical things when developing mobile applications.

    For instance:

      var options = {
      	element: 'map', // id of the div element to render the map in, default is map 
        accuracy: true, // create a circle that indicates the accuracy of the posistion
        compass: true   // use compass to indicate the dirction the device is facing
      var map = new AeroGear.Map(options);
      map.watchPosition(); // start watching the posistion of the device

    Or you want the user to define how big the geo fence must be when he comes near his found restaurant:

      var map = new AeroGear.Map();
      // the location of the restaurant
      var restaurant = new OpenLayers.LonLat(5.43, 52.132).transform(
          new OpenLayers.Projection("EPSG:4326"),
      // draw a marker where on the location of the restaurant
      // editable geo fence with an initial radius of 1000 meters
      map.drawGeoFence(restaurant, 1000);


    For more details about the current release, please consult our documentation.


    If you would like to help develop AeroGear you can join our developer's mailing list, join #aerogear on Freenode, or shout at us on Twitter @aerogears.

    Also takes some time and skim the contributor guide


    Join our user mailing list for any questions or help! We really hope you enjoy app development with AeroGear!

    Found a bug?

    If you found a bug please create a ticket for us on Jira with some steps to reproduce it.


    npm i aerogear-cordova-geo

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