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    Adonis Binding Resolver

    Adonis binding resolver is a thin module to validate, resolve and execute bindings attached as a closure or IoC container binding.

    For example: A route handler can point to closure or reference to controller method.

    Route.get('/', function * (request, response) {
    // or 
    Route.get('/', 'HomeController.index')

    Now manually parsing the 2nd argument can become a little gross as you have to take care of following things.

    1. Validate the argument to make sure it is a function or a string only.
    2. If 2nd argument is a function, make sure to execute it as a function.
    3. If it is a string, parse the string and fetch the right module and function of the string.
    4. Also make sure that string argument method has correct reference to the scope this.

    This module takes care of all this for you.

    Validate Binding

    const Resolver = require('adonis-binding-resolver')
    const Ioc = require('adonis-fold').Ioc
    const resolver = new Resolver(Ioc)
    Ioc.validateBinding('App/Http/Controllers/HomeController.index') // works fine
    Ioc.validateBinding(function () {}) // works fine
    Ioc.validateBinding(null) // throws exception
    Ioc.validateBinding({}) // throws exception
    Ioc.validateBinding('') // throws exception
    Ioc.validateBinding('App/Http/Controllers/HomeController') // throws exception, since method is not defined

    Resolve Binding

    const Resolver = require('adonis-binding-resolver')
    const Ioc = require('adonis-fold').Ioc
    const resolver = new Resolver(Ioc)
    Ioc.resolveBinding('App/Http/Controllers/HomeController.index') // returns {instance: HomeController, method: 'index'}
    Ioc.resolveBinding(function () {}) // returns function () {}

    Execute Binding

    Executing binding will automatically resolve it for you. Just make sure to call validatingBinding first.

    const Resolver = require('adonis-binding-resolver')
    const Ioc = require('adonis-fold').Ioc
    const resolver = new Resolver(Ioc)
    Ioc.validateBinding('App/Http/Controllers/HomeController.index') // make sure binding is fine
    const result = Ioc.executeBinding('App/Http/Controllers/HomeController.index')

    Passing Data when executing

    You can also pass data when executing a binding. Data is passed as an array, which is passed as multiple arguments to the resolved method using apply method.

    const request = {} // your http request
    const response = {} // your http response
    const result = Ioc.executeBinding('App/Http/Controllers/HomeController.index', [request, response])

    Passing custom scope

    At times you may want to override the current instance of a module/class and pass your own custom instance. Same can be done by passing 3rd argument to the executeBinding method.

    const modelInstance = {}
    const result = Ioc.executeBinding('App/Http/Model/Hooks/Password.encrypt', [], modelInstance)

    Used By

    This module is used by

    1. adonis-framework
    2. adonis-lucid
    3. adonis-redis


    npm i adonis-binding-resolver

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