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한문 사용서 (Korean documentation)

Adhoc: the Web Dev's Lil' Helper

Start a web server in that directory. This instant!
(like python -m SimpleHTTPServer on steroids)

## Main Benefits
  • Start a lightweight web server from anywhere with a single command
  • No need to repeatedly press [F5] (reload) or even start your browser!
  • Instantly see changes to web pages after saving an asset (simultaneously from multiple browsers!)
  • View most pertinent server log information at a glance
  • Navigate to a local WIP web site from your browser

Simple Installation:

npm -g install adhoc

How to Use:

$ ls
index.html style.css script.js image.png

$ adhoc
The adhoc server is now hosting c:/wip-site/ at http://localhost:80/
Started live reload server on port 35729
Hit CTRL-C to stop the servers. Launching your default browser...
GET 200  54ms - 11.16kb /
GET 200   9ms -  5.20kb /style.css
GET 200  45ms - 97.63kb /script.js

Edit index.html, script.js, style.css, or image.png... watch all your browsers refresh automatically!

Usage Instructions:

adhoc [options] [path]

  -n, --nobrowser       supress automatic browser launch
  -v, --verbosity=NUM   server log level 0 to 4             [default: 3]
  -p, --port=NUM        port to use                         [default: 80]
  -r, --noreload        supress live reload
  -c, --nocolors        supress colors
  -t, --ttl=SECONDS     browser cache time (in seconds)     [default: 0]
  -i, --index=FILENAME  default index filename              [default: index.html]
  -h, --help            display this help

Copyright John-Kim Murphy

Based on http-server