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Add or remove event listeners in IE8+ / modern browsers.

var events = require('add-event-listener')
var el = document.getElementById('#anything')
events.addEventListener(el, 'click', function(ev) {
  events.removeEventListener(el, 'click', arguments.callee)
// OR: 
var add = require('add-event-listener')
add(el, 'click', function(ev) {


require('add-event-listener') -> {addEventListener, removeEventListener}

require('add-event-listener') -> Function addEventListener

This package exports addEventListener (with a polyfill for attachEvent).

addEventListener and removeEventListener are available as properties on the export.

addEventListener(element, eventName, listener, useCapture=false) -> undefined

Adds an event listener to an element. On IE<9, uses attachEvent. WARNING: If useCapture is true and this function is run on IE8, an exception will be thrown (since event capturing cannot be emulated.)

removeEventListener(element, eventName, listener, useCapture=false) -> undefined

Remove an event listener from an element.


MIT Licensed