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Do you ever have this issue with your robots?

Yesterday I displayed to insulated Today I must love you. No blockers.

— standup? (@gutenScrum) August 21, 2015


if only it had inserted a period there between the sentences that would have been a hot toot!


add-ender will check the last character or your string and see if it is . or ? or ! and if it is not it will append a . to that string and return it unto you.

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var addEnder = require('add-ender')
var str = 'wow it really works'
addEnder(str, '!')
// => 'wow it really works!'
// lets get more excited about this!
addEnder(str, '!').toUpperCase()


addEnder(str, ender || '.', reggie || /(\.|\?|\!)$/)

  • str: any string. probably the output of some sort of api call or text generator or twitter stream or idk. you know it is a "sentence" but it is possible it does not end with proper punctuation.

  • ender: any string. probably something like . or ? or !.

  • reggie: any reginald or regex. defaults to the . or ? or ! thing.