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Adastra CLI is a CLI toolkit built on top of Shopify CLI 3.X, this means that existing Adastra commands are the same as Shopify's. The goal from this package is to allow developers to use one CLI intefrace between the Vite and Shopify development servers.


Please make sure you have these two already set up in your local environment for Adastra CLI to work properly.

Install Shopify CLI and Adastra CLI

Shopify CLI is managed as a set of Node.js packages, To install Shopify CLI for themes, install the @shopify/cli and @shopify/theme Node.js packages globally using the command line and same for adastra-cli as well.

npm install -g @shopify/cli @shopify/theme adastra-cli

Using Yarn/PNPM

yarn global add @shopify/cli @shopify/theme adastra-cli
# pnpm add -g @shopify/cli @shopify/theme adastra-cli

Already have Shopify CLI installed?

You can install adastra-cli separately with the following command.

npm install -g adastra-cli

Using Yarn/PNPM

yarn global add adastra-cli
# pnpm add -g adastra-cli

Verify the installation

To verify that Shopify CLI is installed properly, run the following command (The command returns a version number)

shopify version

Verify Adastra CLI with (The command returns a help message)

adastra --help


To launch Shopify and Vite development server, you can use adastra dev command which support all shopify theme dev flags and arguments. Here is an example:

adastra dev -s
# same as shopify theme dev -s

💡 The command will launch two dev servers, the first for Vite at localhost:5173 to server static files from the src directory and the second for Shopify at localhost:9292 to serve your theme.

All commands must run from the root of the theme project.

Other commands

Command Action
adastra build Build and minifies your production static files to ./assets/ folder
adastra preview Preview of your remote development theme, before deploying
adastra check Run theme check to lint the theme
adastra --help Get help using the Adastra CLI

Want to learn more?

Feel free to check our documentation or jump into our Discord server.



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