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Adaptive Card Designer (Beta)

The Adaptive Card Designer provides a rich, interactive design-time experience for authoring adaptive cards.

Try it out at

Designer Screenshot

What is this package?

This package allows you to easily integrate the adaptive cards designer into your own experiences.

Beta notice

NOTE: The designer is currently considered beta and may have breaking changes in the public API as we get feedback.


There are two simple ways to consume the designer: CDN script reference or importing the module and using webpack.

Option 1: CDN script references

The simplest way to get started it to include 3 script tags in your page.

  • monaco-editor - provides a rich JSON-editing experience
  • adaptivecards-designer - the designer component
  • markdown-it - [optional] automatic markdown support for the designer and cards
<!-- markdown-it isn't required but enables out-of-the-box markdown support -->
<script src=""></script>
<!-- NOTE: monaco-editor is required for the designer to work. We currently provide it in the CDN, but this may change later -->
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
    window.onload = function() {
        let hostContainers = [];
        // Optional: add the default Microsoft Host Apps (see docs below)
        // hostContainers.push(new ACDesigner.WebChatContainer("Bot Framework WebChat", "containers/webchat-container.css"));
        let designer = new ACDesigner.CardDesigner(hostContainers);
        // The designer requires various CSS and image assets to work properly, 
        // If you've loaded the script from a CDN it needs to know where these assets are located
        designer.assetPath = "";
        // Initialize monaco-editor for the JSON-editor pane. The simplest way to do this is use the code below, since we currently bundle monaco into our CDN distribution. 
        require.config({ paths: { 'vs': '' } });
        require(['vs/editor/editor.main'], function () {
   <div id="designerRootHost"></div>

Option 2: Node + webpack

If you already use webpack and want to to bundle the designer, you need a few packages. adaptivecards-designer, monaco-editor for the JSON editor, and markdown-it for markdown handling. You can use another markdown processor if you choose.

npm install adaptivecards-designer monaco-editor markdown-it --save

You also need some development dependencies to bundle monaco, and copy some CSS+image files into your output.

npm install copy-webpack-plugin monaco-editor-webpack-plugin css-loader style-loader --save-dev

Then in your app, use the following imports and API. The code below was authored in TypeScript, but can be easily modified to plain JS.

import * as monaco from "monaco-editor/esm/vs/editor/editor.api";
import * as markdownit from "markdown-it";
import * as Designer from "adaptivecards-designer";
// if you want to bundle the designer CSS using mini-css-loader:
import "adaptivecards-controls/dist/adaptivecards-controls.css";
import "adaptivecards-designer/dist/adaptivecards-designer.css";
window.onload = function() {
    if (!Designer.SettingsManager.isLocalStorageAvailable) {
        console.log("Local storage is not available.");
    let hostContainers = [];
    hostContainers.push(new Designer.WebChatContainer("Bot Framework WebChat", "containers/webchat-container.css"));
    let designer = new Designer.CardDesigner(hostContainers);


The following plugins and configuration should be enough to boostrap the designer and dependencies.

  • monaco-editor-webpack-plugin - makes it easy to use monaco with webpack
  • copy-webpack-plugin - the designer requires a few CSS and image assets to exist in your bundle. This plugin copies them from the designer into your output
const MonacoWebpackPlugin = require('monaco-editor-webpack-plugin');
const CopyWebpackPlugin = require('copy-webpack-plugin');
module.exports = {
    module: {
        rules: [
                test: /\.css$/,
                use: [
    plugins: [
        new CopyWebpackPlugin([{
            from: 'node_modules/adaptivecards-designer/dist/containers/*',
            to: 'containers/',
            flatten: true
        new MonacoWebpackPlugin({
            languages: ['json']

Advanced configuration

For advanced configuration of the designer use the following APIs.

    /* Add the default Microsoft Host Apps  */ 
    hostContainers.push(new ACDesigner.WebChatContainer("Bot Framework WebChat", "containers/webchat-container.css"));
    hostContainers.push(new ACDesigner.CortanaContainer("Cortana Skills", "containers/cortana-container.css"));
    hostContainers.push(new ACDesigner.OutlookContainer("Outlook Actionable Messages", "containers/outlook-container.css"));
    hostContainers.push(new ACDesigner.TimelineContainer("Windows Timeline", "containers/timeline-container.css"));
    hostContainers.push(new ACDesigner.DarkTeamsContainer("Microsoft Teams - Dark", "containers/teams-container-dark.css"));
    hostContainers.push(new ACDesigner.LightTeamsContainer("Microsoft Teams - Light", "containers/teams-container-light.css"));
    hostContainers.push(new ACDesigner.BotFrameworkContainer("Bot Framework Other Channels (Image render)", "containers/bf-image-container.css"));
    hostContainers.push(new ACDesigner.ToastContainer("Windows Notifications (Preview)", "containers/toast-container.css"));
    /* Modify the toolbar */
    let myButton = new Designer.ToolbarButton(
        "My button",
        (sender) => { alert("My button was clicked"); });
    myButton.separator = true;
    designer.toolbar.insertElementAfter(myButton, Designer.CardDesigner.ToolbarCommands.HostAppPicker);
    /* Collapse certain panes by default (BEFORE designer attached) */
    /* Set the card payload in the designer: (AFTER designer attached) */ 
            type: "AdaptiveCard",
            version: "1.0",
            body: [
                    type: "TextBlock",
                    text: "Hello world"

Full sample code

See the full example here




npm i adaptivecards-designer

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