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Adapters to standardise the interfaces on the plethora of available templating engines.


See the adapter-template wiki for documentation on:

  • how to use the module in your applications;
  • how to use the module in Express;
  • and how to add other template engines.

Template Languages Supported:

  • atpl
  • ect
  • ejs
  • haml
  • handlebars
  • jade
  • liquid
  • swig
  • toffee
  • whiskers


2014-09-11 (v0.9.0)

Add support for filters in Liquid.

2014-07-31 (v0.8.0)

Add ECT support.

Allow for engine modules that return a constructor.

Allow the name of an engine's main function to be set in the configuration.

2014-07-31 (v0.7.0)

Add Liquid support.

Add Haml support.

Enable modules to provide synchronous or asynchronous render() methods.

Create a render() method if an engine does not provide one.

2014-07-28 (v0.6.0)

Add handlebars support.

Enable modules to have a different name to the template language they support.

2014-07-25 (v0.5.0)

Add swig support.

2014-07-25 (v0.4.0)

package.json was breaking Wercker.

Improve descriptions in README.

2014-07-25 (v0.3.0)

Ensure package.json is ready for NPM publishing.

2014-07-25 (v0.2.0)

Fix test dependencies for Wercker.

Add Wercker status badge to README.

2014-07-25 (v0.1.0)

Initial release with support for template engines that already provide Express support.