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Use adaptableblotter-react-aggrid instead

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Adaptable Blotter React

Repository for the Adaptable Blotter React Wrapper.

This allows you to install, instantiate and reference the Adaptable Blotter in a "React-friendly" manner.

There are 2 React Components available:

  • AdaptableBlotter - this wraps the core Adaptable Blotter package. If used then you will need to provide an immplementation for the underlying vendor grid you are using.

  • AdaptableBlotterAgGrid - this wraps both the core Adaptable Blotter package and also ag-Grids AgGridReact component.


To install Adaptable Blotter React via npm, run:

npm install adaptableblotter-react


The Adaptable Blotter is a commercial product and requires a purchased licence for use. There are 3 licence types available (all sold on an annual basis):

  • Community - free for charities, students in full time education and open-source projects. Offers full range of functionality but state cannot be saved.
  • Standard - full functionality of the Adaptable Blotter other than Enteprise modules like Charting (which can be created by not saved).
  • Enterprise - full access to all functionality and modules in the Adaptable Blotter.

The Adaptable Blotter licence covers both AdaptableBlotter.NET and AdaptableBlotter.JS versions, and offers regular updates and full support.

It is free to use the Evaluation for an evaulation (a Community licence will be given).

Licences are sold to end-users (they are free for developers), typically in 'bands' so the price per user falls as volumne increases. There is also a Universal option which gives unlimited usage to unlimited users.

Note: The Adaptable Blotter licence does not include the licence for the underlying grid - if you use a vendor grid that requires a commerical licence, you must purchase that separately.

Please contact the Adaptable Tools Sales Team at for more information.


To see AdaptableBlotter.JS in action visit where you can see the Adaptable Blotter running againt a number of different dummy data sets using various underlying DataGrids.


Further information about AdaptableBlotter.JS is available at And there is detailed Help at

For all enquiries please email the Adaptable Tools Support Team at

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