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An ORM that supports multiple database systems (SQL/NoSQL) and ID generation middleware.


An ORM written in Coffeescript that supports multiple database systems, both SQL and NoSQL, as well as ID generation middleware. It is fully extendable to add new database systems and plugins.

Note: this project is new and is not finished yet. There is still a lot of functionality to add.


ActiveRecord = require '../src'
module.exports = new ActiveRecord.Configuration
    database: "#{__dirname}/test.db"
    host: 'localhost'
    database: 'test'
    user: 'test'
    password: 'password'

Model Definition

ActiveRecord = require '../src'
config = require __dirname + "/config"
# Note: uses sqlite3 by default 
class User extends ActiveRecord.Model
  config: config
  fields: ['id''username''name']

Creating a Record

user = new User()
user.username = "meltingice" = "Ryan"

Retreiving a Record

User.find 1(user) -> console.log user.toJSON()