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Nettle is the command line cloud software for running custom node.js services in the Appcelerator Cloud Service (ACS).

To run nettle, you can install it using npm.

[sudo] npm install nettle -g 


Nettle has a few builtin commands:

  • new - create a new ACS project
  • add - add a new method
  • run [dir] - run a local server for development
  • publish [dir] - publish a project to the cloud
  • login [username] [password] - login to the ACS cloud
  • logout - logout of the ACS cloud

ACS Cloud

To run nettle on the server (in the ACS cloud), nettle should be run with forever and takes special parameters:

forever start $HOME/nettle/bin/nettle run -p 8001 --report 10 --no-colors --dates


This code is proprietary and confidential. Copyright (c) 2012 by Appcelerator, Inc.