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Builds login urls for Windows Azure ACS Identity Providers (currently only Windows Live and Facebook are supported). This can be used instead of the Home Realm Discovery solutions offered by Microsoft (i.e. the pre-constructed login page, or the JSON feed).


$ npm install acs-login-url --save

Using the library

First, you need to initialize using your realm, ACS namespace, and chosen Identity Provider (choose either 'Live' or 'Facebook'):

var options = {
    realm: 'urn:realm',
    namespace: 'acs-namespace',
    ip: 'Live'
var mediator = loginurl.initialize(options);

The options should be as you setup in your Azure ACS Relying Party. The ACS Namespace is the most significant portion of the ACS management portal URL, for example:

You can now use the returned object (mediator in this case) to generate the appropriate URLs by passing it the URL that you wish to return to after authentication:

var loginUrl = mediator.loginUrl('http://return-url');
var logoutUrl = mediator.logoutUrl(); // Only works for Windows Live Id

You can use the returned Login URL in an anchor link (or whatever) and it will direct the user to ACS and select the correct Identity Provider. After successfully authenticating, the user will the be redirected to the return URL provided in the loginUrl call.

The Logout URL simply calls directly with the identity provider to logout.