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Acrobat Reader --- Command Line Wrapper


A simple wrapper around acrobat reader commands. Can launch a pdf with some parameters (e.g. print/zoom)

I needed this in order to print/show the output from the awesome library.

NOTE: Right now its limited to windows, but it should be extensible to any platform. PR welcome

acrobat = require('acrobat')

// open reader with a file'file.pdf')

// open the pdf directly in print preview

// print the pdf to the defined printer
acrobat.print('file.pdf', "<printername>", "<drivername>", "<portname>");

// callbacks are possible
acrobat.printPreview('file.pdf', function(err){
      return console.log("error opening file:", err);

    console.log("opened file");

Note: Options not implemented yet

The commands open and printPreview have extra options:'file.pdf', {

The options new, noSplash, hidden are converted to the respective command line parameters /n,/s and /h, /t

All other options are added to the command line /A switch, as described and

Finding the right exe is actually the most difficult part of it. On windows it looks through Program Files folder automatically (see below) but it can be overwritten using the option 'adobePath' as in:'file.pdf', {adobePath:'<full path to executable>'});

On windows it first looks in the ProgramFiles(x86)\Adobe folder (as set in process.env) then in ProgramFiles\Adobe.

Underneath that it looks for the highest installed version of "Reader x" it can find.