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AbortController "polyfill"

Minimal stubs so that the AbortController DOM API for terminating fetch() requests can be used in browsers that doesn't yet implement it. This "polyfill" doesn't actually close the connection when the request is aborted, but it calls .catch() with == 'AbortError' instead of .then().

const controller = new AbortController();
const signal = controller.signal;
fetch('/some/url', {signal}).then(res => res.json()).then(data => {
  // do something with "data"
}).catch(err => {
  if ( == 'AbortError') {

You can read about the AbortController API in the DOM specification.

How to use

$ npm install --save abortcontroller-polyfill

If you're using webpack or similar, import it early in your client entrypoint .js file using import 'abortcontroller-polyfill' or require('abortcontroller-polyfill').


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