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    API By Example helper for Protractor

    This repository includes tools to be able to use the ABE format from within JS code. In particular we aim to support Protractor JS tests.


    In order to use abe-protractor you will need to add the setup service stubs, using Protractor's onPrepare within your protractor-conf file.


    This is the location of your ABE mock files, in which to cycle through.


    Type: String Required

    This is the location in which your manually created Stubs are kept, the file locations should mirror those found within mocksLocation.


    Type: Boolean Default: false

    This flags whether or not you wish abe-protractor to log out when stubs have been created during the setup of running Protractor tests.

    Example folder structure (desc could be users):

    mocks/                      -> Base of your Mock storage
        mock-desc               -> Your container for your Mock
            post.json           -> The POST example of your API Mock
            get.json            -> The GET of singular resources within response example of your API Mock
            put.json            -> The PUT example of your API Mock
            query.json          -> The GET of multiple resources within response example of your API Mock
            mock-desc.stub.js   -> Stub for your Mock

    Example Usage:

    var abeProtractor = require('abe-protractor');
    onPrepare: function () {
            mocksLocation: 'mocks/**/*',
            stubsLocation: 'stubs/',
            log: true

    It is expected that all of your ABE-Spec mocked JSON files are located in the same folder (or at least the same parent folder).

    Do I have to make my stubs?

    If you do not require any custom stubs you can use abe-protractor's default builder for stubs. Using your mock JSON files it will create your stubs for you, based on the information within your JSON spec.

    To take a look at the stub that is generated take a look here.


    npm i abe-protractor

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