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Abc framework

ABC Framework

Abc framework( abc for short ) is a tool for bunding Angular app for Cordova whic gives you a great convenience on building apps with Angular 2+.

Youtube video tutorial)

Quick Start

Please refer Quick Start to begin with abc.

Open source

Abc framework is open sourced under MIT License. Please help us by using, commenting, bug reporting.

Help wanted

  • We are in need of help for improving ABC framework. Please do not hesitating to join abc community. Whether you are a developer/designer/planner or even a runner, feel free to participate in anyway you can. Reporting typo erros or requesting for better documentating may be one way. You can send us a logo icon, or any opinion to make it better.

Installation & Update

See Installation & Update wiki page to know about abc installation and update.


See the Tips to get some tricks about abc.

Known Problems

For core developers

Please don't hesitate to edit core code. Refer for core developer to dig into the abc.