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= AASM.js - CoffeeScript state machines

This package contains AASM, a library for adding finite state machines to CoffeeScript classes.

AASM has the following features:

  • States
  • Machines
  • Events
  • Transitions

== Download

The latest AASM can currently be pulled from the git repository on github.

== Installation

=== From npm repository

% npm install aasm-js

== Simple Example

Here's a quick example highlighting some of the features.

AASM = require 'aasm'

module.exports = class Conversation AASM.include(this)

@aasmInitialState 'needsAttention'

@aasmState 'needsAttention'
@aasmState 'read'
@aasmState 'closed'
@aasmState 'awaitingResponse'
@aasmState 'junk'

@aasmEvent 'newMessage', ()->

@aasmEvent 'view', ()->
  @transitions {to: 'read', from: ['needsAttention']}

@aasmEvent 'reply', ()->

@aasmEvent 'close', ()->
  @transitions {to: 'closed', from: ['read', 'awaitingResponse']}

@aasmEvent 'junk', ()->
  @transitions {to: 'junk', from: ['read']}

@aasmEvent 'unjunk', ()->

== A Slightly More Complex Example

This example uses a few of the more complex features available.

class Relationship AASM.include(this)

@aasmInitialState (relationship) ->
  if relationship.isStrictlyForFun() then 'intimate' else 'dating'

@aasmState 'dating',   {enter: 'makeHappy', exit: 'makeDepressed'}
@aasmState 'intimate', {enter: 'makeVeryHappy', exit: 'neverSpeakAgain'}
@aasmState 'married',  {enter: 'makeHappy', exit: 'buyExoticCarAndWearACombover'}

@aasmEvent 'getIntimate', ->
  @transitions to: 'intimate', from: ['dating'], guard: 'isDrunk'
@aasmEvent 'getMarried', ->
  @transitions to: 'married', from: ['dating', 'married'], guard: 'isWillingToGiveUpManhood'

isStrictlyForFun: ->
isDrunk: ->
isWillingToGiveUpManhood: ->
makeHappy: ->
makeDepressed: ->
makeVeryHappy: ->
neverSpeakAgain: ->
giveUpIntimacy: ->
buyExoticCarAndWearACombover: ->

= Other Stuff Based On:: Scott Barron aasm for ruby Author:: Chandra Patni License:: Original code Copyright 2011 by Chandra Patni. Released under an MIT-style license. See the LICENSE file included in the distribution.

== Warranty

This software is provided "as is" and without any express or implied warranties, including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantibility and fitness for a particular purpose.