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An OpenTSDB Visualiser


An OpenTSDB Visualiser.

A brief list of features:

  • Javascript client-side rendered graphs
  • Auto scaling
  • Stacked graphs
  • Deep linking
  • Tree based metric selection

Intended additional features:

  • Auto-downsampling of series to prevent browser 'lock-up'
  • Baselining - compare a time series to an earlier version of itself
  • Filter UI by tag key/value and or time range
  • Popout to Gnuplot image
  • View/add/edit annotations
  • Metadata viewer
  • Install node
  • Run some commands:
   $ git clone
   $ cd aardvark
   $ npm install
   $ npm start

It was originally called Otis (from OpenTSDB Visualiser). Anyone growing up in the UK in the 90's should be well aware of [](Otis the Aardvark).

   Copyright 2014 Simon Matic Langford
   Licensed under the GNU General Public License, Version 3.0 (the "License");
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