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Web 4.0 offers a new model of user interaction in the most comprehensive and personalized manner, not limited to displaying information, but intended to behave like a magic mirror that offers concrete solutions to what the user needs. It is an integration layer necessary for the exploitation of Semantic Web and its enormous potential. Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google Inc., commented in an interview, "The perfect search engine is the one that returns only one response, which is exactly what you're looking for." This is the foundation of Web 4.0.

About this repository

This is the root github repository of the Web 4.0 project. Within this repository, you will find several submodules with separate modules we have been working on.

->configuration/ is a private repository containing the specific configuration. Feel free to replace it with your own configuration repository or files. If you wish to do so, just place your configuration files under the same folders you would put it, but inside the configuration/ folder. Then run .addConfiguration. This allows you to easily keep track of configuration changes without committing them to the public github repo.

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