node package manager
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git clone
npm install

Edit .env file at the root to change the mongo string and other settings. the .env file is only read locally. On production, the environment variables are used instead (change those on heroku)


node multithread.js

Generate the compiled JS slug for production push

Before you push to prod, the JS files need to be minified in a single file, and the static files that changed need to be uploaded to the CDN.

To do so, run the server locally, and in the browser go to /api/sys/slug

The node console will output the progress.

This will generate the minified JS file, and will create a slug.json file at the root which will be read by the server on prod.

Push to heroku

git add --all
git commit -m "..."
git push heroku master


If you have any question about the code, please contact the original developer: (skype: j.loutre)