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Up2Bucket S3 client for Image upload

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a Sails application


  • For Ubuntu 16.04 or gretter

NodeJS (v4.2.6) Installation

    $ sudo apt-get install nodejs-legacy 

SailsJs Installation (0.12.4)

    $ sudo npm -g install sails

Tests Setup

On project directory

   $ sudo npm install -g grunt-cli
   $ npm install grunt-mocha-istanbul --save-dev
   $ npm install supertest --save-dev
   $ sudo npm install should --save-dev
   $ sudo npm install mocha --save-dev

ImageMagick Critical Setup

    $ sudo nano /etc/ImageMagick-6/policy.xml
  • Comment the line: <policy domain="coder" rights="none" pattern="HTTPS" />


    $ npm install
    $ sails lift


This service provides a RESTful interface to upload files to Amazon S3 AWS services.

Setting your Bucket

To upload files to your bucket, you may create a file called "s3.js" into <root>/config/ folder. This files may contains the follow configurations:

    module.exports.s3 =  {
        key: AWS_ACCESS_KEY,
        secret: AWS_ACCESS_SECRET,
        bucket: S3_BUCKET_NAME,
        region: S3_BUCKET_REGION

Sending some file

To send a file, i need make a "POST" request to "/v1/file" with a image field, with a binary file attached.

Run in Postman


    $ npm install
    $ npm test 


You can contribute submitting a PR to this repository. Please carefully read our contribution guide and check the master branch build status before submitting a pull request with code changes.


Api Version: 0.3.0