Live Controller v0.0.1

Live Controller is a tiny, client-side router that uses window.pushState and falls back to regular page refreshes when pushState is not available.

You can find the API docs in the docs folder.

Expelrimental API docs will be made available when any part of the project isn't experimental.

###Here's an example

var controller = new Controller("/things", function(thing) {

thing.get(function(params) {


thing.get("/:id", function(params) {


thing.delete("/:id", function(params) {


thing.put("/:id", function(params) {

}) {



###And here's how you send invoke them




Controller.put("/things/42", {"title: "w00t"})"/things", {"title: "w00t"})

Ideas, feature requests, bug reports, etc are very welcome.

  • Can we use something better by someone else?
  • Get rid of http verbs, they dumb
  • fallback for shitty browsers with #!

  • Zach Smith @xcoderzach
  • Eugene Butler @EButlerIV

MIT Licensed (see LICENSE.txt)