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Descriptive BDD Framework for nodejs


A basic bdd framework to work with node so that I can learn a bit of javascript and node. Adds a method on to all objects to test using should(). It can test callbacks and events

To Install

npm Jody

To Use

run Jody <file_name>

or Create specs in ./spec and then: run Jody

var describe = require('Jody').describe;

describe("New set of specs").
  beforeEach(function () {
  it("Should test something", function() {
    var i = 0;
    i += 1;
Add the function *async* to each callback that you want to test again. This will allow for Jody to determine if the test was successful

describe("Async spec").
  it("Should only assert at the end", function (atEnd) {

See examples/http_spec.js

For functional testing the following can be used for a beforeAll and after All. require('Jody').configure.beforeAll(function (done) { // some setup before specs done();

require('Jody').configure.afterAll(function (done) {
  // clean up after all tests run

A spec_helper.js file in your specs directory will be executed before all specs. A good place to put your before all and after all.


See ./examples folder for examples on use


For suggestions, help or feedback go to