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FreshDocuments - MongoDB ODM v0.0.3

FreshDocs makes sure that your documents never get stale

First, an example!

//Get a document
var document = Documents.findById("some object id value")
document.update({title: "A title for out collaborative thing"})

document.on("update", function() {
  //this will log "A better title, for our collaborative thing"          

Meanwhile, someone else...

var document = Documents.findById("some object id value")
document.update({title: "A better title, for our collaborative thing"})

But hey! What about collections!

Right, it wouldn't be very useful if your documents stayed up to date, but not your collections!

Another Example!

var documents = Documents.find({awesome: true})

documents.on("add", function(newDocument) {


Document.create({title: "An awesome document", awesome: true})

Updated for you like magic!


So you need to validate your data? Cool, we can do that.

When you're creating a FreshDocument instance, you just pass the validation middleware in with your validations

var Things = FreshDocuments("things", 
                             Validations({ title: 
                                           { length: { between: [4, 100]
                                                     , message: "Invalid length"}}})) 

Blam your titles have to be between 4 and 100 characters

Embedded Documents

Embedding documents is easy with the Embed middleware. var OtherThing = FreshDocuments("others") var Things = FreshDocuments("things", Embed({other: OtherThing}) //one other thing

var Things = FreshDocuments("things", 
                             Embed({others: [OtherThing]}) //many other things


Yes, the documentation is pretty bad right now, It'll get updated as soon as the api stabilizes. :-D

Known Problems (that will be fixed)

  • It's not super efficient for high numbers of collections (linear search)
  • Nothing gets GC'd, yeah...badness
  • get and set functions are teh lamez
  • buggy and generally inefficient
  • The test suite will randomly fail about 1/50 runs, I havent seen this problem when used in actual use


Any contributions are welcome, features, ideas, bugs, criticism. I would be especially grateful for feedback on the api.


Thanks to Chad Seibert and Brian Goslinga (qbg on github) for help with brainstorming and implementation details

Also thanks to marcello3d for making the awesome Mongolian mongodb driver