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Brings the MooTools 1.x Class sugar to Prime

Prime with Class

Make Prime Classy.

If you're used to MooTools 1.x Class, and think prime is too basic? Classy will give you your familiar features:

  • Mixins (Implements)
  • .parent (Will wrap methods)
  • Will clone/reset objects and arrays in the prototype to prevent shared objects
  • Alias Implements, Extends and initialize
  • Tries to be compatible with the MooTools 1.x Class API.

Wrapping functions and reseting are not very elegant however. I would advice to use the basic prime wherever possible.

  • Implement Class.Mutators
  • Create another Classy implementation that will break 1.x API
    • I'd rather see a .parent without wrapping
    • Don't reset/clone objects
    • Create a nice packages with some nice additional goodies like:
      • Class.Bind (by @cpojer)