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AsyncProxy.js - 异步代码管理模块,asynchronous code helper

举个例子:For example

var as = require('AsyncProxy')();

  fn1, fn2, fn3, fn4, //4 asynchronous function

  callback; //call this function when all the async functions finished executing;

  var total = as.ap(fn1, fn2, fn3, fn4, callback);//'total' means how many async job will complete
  //as.ap.apply(null, [fn1, fn2, fn3, fn4, callback]);//when the async functions's length is unknown;


1、 var as = require('AsyncProxy')();//这样定义会并发执行异步函数,效率高 Concurrent execution the async functions

2、 var as = require('AsyncProxy')(true);//这样会依次执行异步函数,有先后依赖 Call the asynchronous functions one by one

3、 var fn1 = function(rec){setTimeout(function(){ //... do something; rec();//这里必须执行这个,表示异步返回 Tell AsyncProxy the async has complete; }, 5000);}

如何安装:how to install

1、直接github下载, download it here

2、npm install AsyncProxy