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This package provides a basic client library to communicate with a Tendermint/Cosmos App running in a Ledger Nano S/S+/X devices

We recommend using the npmjs package in order to receive updates/fixes.

Use yarn install to avoid issues.

Available commands

Operation Response Command
getVersion app version ---------------
getAddressAndPubKey pubkey + address path
showAddressAndPubKey pubkey + address path (require user's confirmation)
appInfo name, version, flags, etc ---------------
deviceInfo fw and mcu version, id, etc Only available in dashboard
sign signed message path + message
signRemoveDataCap signed message path + message
signClientDeal signed message path + message
signRawBytes signed message path + message
signETHTransaction signed message path + message
getETHAddress pubkey + address path

Testing with real devices

It is possible to test this package with a real Ledger Nano device. To accomplish that, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Install the application in the Ledger device
  • Install the dependencies from this project
  • Run tests
yarn install
yarn test:integration

Who we are?

We are Zondax, a company pioneering blockchain services. If you want to know more about us, please visit us at zondax.ch

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