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    Winter CMS Request

    This is a modern implementation of the Winter CMS Request library. The original is based on jQuery, which may not be preferable for some developers to use. This library is intended for use on your front end, in themes. Most of the functionality and features have been kept from the original implementation, however it is not meant to replace the framework used in the backend of Winter.

    Breaking Changes

    • The data-* attributes that relied on eval() have been removed. There are better ways to achieve this functionality.
    • Asset injection isn't supported by default, but you can extend the plugin to accomplish this.
    • Global AJAX events are removed.
    • $.Deferred() promises are removed.
    • Support for the global object $.wn.stripeLoadIndicator is removed.


    • For the data-request-update and data-request-data attributes, JSON5 is used to parse that JSON-like syntax used in those attributes.
    • Axios is used to make requests to the server. It uses these handy defaults:
      • Detects the XSRF-TOKEN cookie automatically
      • Uses the X-XSRF-TOKEN header automatically (set to the value of the XSRF cookie).
      • Request/Response content type is application/json.


    Call an AJAX handler with just data.

    const response = Request.instance({
      handler: 'onHandler',
      data: { /* ... */ }

    How the Winter AJAX Framework is implemented

    This section serves to document the intricacies of how the communication between frontend JavaScript and backend/component AJAX handlers work.


    Name Purpose Values
    X-Requested-With Tells Winter/Laravel/Symfony that the request is an "AJAX Request". XMLHttpRequest
    X-WINTER-REQUEST-HANDLER Tells Winter which AJAX handler method to use on the controller/component. modules/backend/classes/Controller.php#L435 Component handler: component::onEvent; Generic handler: onEvent (Note: the onAjax handler name will always return null)
    X-WINTER-REQUEST-PARTIALS Tells Winter which partials to render and return in the response. Names of partials, separated by the & character. E.g. partial1&partial2&partial3
    X-WINTER-REQUEST-FLASH Tells Winter that it should clear existing flash messages respond with new flash messages. modules/cms/classes/Controller.php#L764 true | false

    Response Data

      "result" : {},
        "name": "<div>HTML</div>",
        // ...
      "X_WINTER_REDIRECT": "",
      "W_WINTER_ASSETS": {
        "css": [
          // ...
        "js": [
          // ...
        "img": [
          // ...
        "field": [
          "Validation message.",
          // ...
        // ...
    Name Purpose JSON Structure Example
    result If your AJAX handler function returned an array, the data will be present under this key. N/A
    X_WINTER_REQUEST_PARTIALS Contains the contents of the partials to update on the page. modules/backend/classes/Controller.php#L460 { "myPartial": "<div>...</div>", ... }
    X_WINTER_REDIRECT Contains the URL that the browser should redirect to. modules/backend/classes/Controller.php#L494 ""
    W_WINTER_ASSETS Contains the assets that should be injected into the page. modules/backend/classes/Controller.php#L508 { "css": [ "style.css", ... ], "js": [ "script.js", ... ], "img": [ "image.png", ... ] }
    X_WINTER_ERROR_FIELDS Contains the results of backend field validation. modules/backend/classes/Controller.php#L535 { "email": [ "The email field must be a valid email address.", ... ] }
    X_WINTER_ERROR_MESSAGE Used in the backend/cms, not relevant for frontend requests. modules/cms/classes/Controller.php#L790

    Making a request to the server

    When making an AJAX request to Winter, the X-Requested-With header must be set to XMLHttpRequest.

    Winter CMS will look for a handler function name that matches the one supplied in the header. Once executed, the response is returned to the client.


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