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This TypeDoc plugin can force inclusion of specific symbols (variables) that are not exported, by making them fake exports.


(Assuming you have already installed TypeDoc (npm i -D typedoc) of version equal to or greater than v0.20.16 (released on 2021-01-17, this is the minimum required by this plugin. If you need to update the version, change TypeDoc's version number in package.json and rerun npm i / yarn))

Install the plugin with npm:

npm i -D typedoc-plugin-not-exported

Or with yarn:

yarn add -D typedoc-plugin-not-exported

In your code, tag the symbols (i.e. variables / types / interfaces / classes / object properties / class members etc.) that are not exported but you still want to include in the generated documentation.

The default tag is @notExported.

Example 1:

 * My class
 * @notExported
class MyClass {
  convert(str: string): string {
    return str
export const me = new MyClass()

Example 2:

 * @notExported
type twoNumbers = [number, number]
 * @notExported
type threeNumbers = [number, number, number]

export type twoOrThreeNumbers = twoNumbers | threeNumbers
export function sum(ns: twoOrThreeNumbers): number {
  return ns.reduce((a, b) => a + b)

Then use the command as usual:

typedoc src/index.ts

Or, if you are using @internalDoNotUse tag instead of @notExported, run:

typedoc --includeTag internalDoNotUse src/index.ts

Links, Tips & Others

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TypeDoc converts comments in TypeScript source code into rendered HTML documentation. See Guides, API & repo.

TypeDoc loads all plugins by default, if you want to specify plugins to load, use --plugin flag.

Those non-exported symbols (variables) you want to include in the doc, are not public and the @public tag shouldn't be applied. TypeDoc's @internal tag and typedoc-plugin-internal-external's @internal and @external are not made to solve the problem in question.

Nevertheless, if you want to include a symbol (variable) in the documentation, you should usually export it.

Keywords: typedoc plugin force include non exported unexported variable symbol member fake export option flag tag mode file exclude inclusion internal external


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