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Zambesi Documentation Site Generator for GitBook

The Zambezi documentation site generator for GitBook is a plugin which outputs a documentation website, in the Zambezi style.


First, install the plugin:

npm install --save-dev gitbook-plugin-zambezi-docs

Then add a file in your project root, called book.json – or if you already have a book.json – and add the plugin:

  "plugins": [ "zambezi-docs" ]

That's it! Now, if you build your documentation using [gitbook] you'll instantly have a Zambezi branded site. To test it, try running:

gitbook serve .


There are a few things you may configure, either directly in book.json or indirectly, such as in the case of adding a project logo. A full configuration looks as such:

  "plugins": [ "zambezi-docs" ]
  "pluginsConfig": {
    "zambezi-docs": {
      "logo": "relative/path/to/logo.svg",
      "color": "#ff00ff"

The two configuration options are:

  • "logo": Snazz up your site with a fancy logo, by pointing out the path at wich to find it! If unspecified, then any file named logo, with a common image type extension (e.g. png, jpg, or svg) will be used. If no such file exists, no logo will be displayed.

  • "color": The main color that you'd like to associate with your project. This color will influence the color palette of the entire site!

Found an issue, or want to contribute?

If you find an issue, want to start a discussion on something related to this project, or have suggestions on how to improve it? Please create an issue!

See an error and want to fix it? Want to add a file or otherwise make some changes? All contributions are welcome! Please refer to the contribution guidelines for more information.


Please refer to the license for more information on licensing and copyright information.


npm i @zambezi/gitbook-plugin-zambezi-docs

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