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    This is probably my favorite navigation pattern on Android, I wish it were more common on iOS! This is a very simple JavaScript-only implementation of it for React Native. For more information about how the animations behind this work, check out the Rebound section of the React Native Animation Guide

    Add it to your project

    1. Run npm install @yz1311/react-native-scrollable-tab-view --save
    2. var ScrollableTabView = require('@yz1311/react-native-scrollable-tab-view');


    Run this example

    Basic usage

    var ScrollableTabView = require('@yz1311/react-native-scrollable-tab-view');
    var App = React.createClass({
      render() {
        return (
            <ReactPage tabLabel="React" />
            <FlowPage tabLabel="Flow" />
            <JestPage tabLabel="Jest" />

    Injecting a custom tab bar

    Suppose we had a custom tab bar called CustomTabBar, we would inject it into our ScrollableTabView like this:

    var ScrollableTabView = require('@yz1311/react-native-scrollable-tab-view');
    var CustomTabBar = require('./CustomTabBar');
    var App = React.createClass({
      render() {
        return (
          <ScrollableTabView renderTabBar={() => <CustomTabBar someProp={'here'} />}>
            <ReactPage tabLabel="React" />
            <FlowPage tabLabel="Flow" />
            <JestPage tabLabel="Jest" />

    To start you can just copy DefaultTabBar.







    • renderTabBar (Function:ReactComponent) - accept 1 argument props and should return a component to use as the tab bar. The component has goToPage, tabs, activeTab and ref added to the props, and should implement setAnimationValue to be able to animate itself along with the tab content. You can manually pass the props to the TabBar component.
    • tabBarPosition (String) Defaults to "top".
      • "bottom" to position the tab bar below content.
      • "overlayTop" or "overlayBottom" for a semitransparent tab bar that overlays content. Custom tab bars must consume a style prop on their outer element to support this feature: style={}.
    • onChangeTab (Function) - function to call when tab changes, should accept 1 argument which is an Object containing two keys: i: the index of the tab that is selected, ref: the ref of the tab that is selected
    • onScroll (Function) - function to call when the pages are sliding, should accept 1 argument which is an Float number representing the page position in the slide frame.
    • locked (Bool) - disables horizontal dragging to scroll between tabs, default is false.
    • initialPage (Integer) - the index of the initially selected tab, defaults to 0 === first tab.
    • page (Integer) - set selected tab(can be buggy see #126
    • children (ReactComponents) - each top-level child component should have a tabLabel prop that can be used by the tab bar component to render out the labels. The default tab bar expects it to be a string, but you can use anything you want if you make a custom tab bar.
    • tabBarUnderlineStyle ( - style of the default tab bar's underline.
    • tabBarBackgroundColor (String) - color of the default tab bar's background, defaults to white
    • tabBarActiveTextColor (String) - color of the default tab bar's text when active, defaults to navy
    • tabBarInactiveTextColor (String) - color of the default tab bar's text when inactive, defaults to black
    • tabBarTextStyle (Object) - Additional styles to the tab bar's text. Example: {fontFamily: 'Roboto', fontSize: 15}
    • style (
    • contentProps (Object) - props that are applied to root ScrollView/ViewPagerAndroid. Note that overriding defaults set by the library may break functionality; see the source for details.
    • scrollWithoutAnimation (Bool) - on tab press change tab without animation.
    • prerenderingSiblingsNumber (Integer) - pre-render nearby # sibling, Infinity === render all the siblings, default to 0 === render current page.


    Issues are welcome. Please add a screenshot of bug and code snippet. Quickest way to solve issue is to reproduce it on one of the examples.

    Pull requests are welcome. If you want to change API or making something big better to create issue and discuss it first. Before submiting PR please run eslint . Also all eslint fixes are welcome.

    Please attach video or gif to PR's and issues it is super helpful.

    How to make video

    How to make gif from video

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