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Wyre NodeJS API Client

Node.js client library for the Wyre API.


npm install @wyre/api

Regarding Decimal Numbers

Some currencies, like ETH, have many decimal places. This can cause problems with the many JSON implementations that fail to offer support arbitrary precision numbers. Moreover, IEEE 754 floating point is not in general a good representation for money - it does not necessarily preserve precision.

In the examples below, we have supplied the format parameter as "json_numberstring". This encodes all numbers returned from our API as strings. If you need to perform arithmetic on these numbers, you must use an arbitrary-precision library:

  • bignumber.js: A JavaScript library for arbitrary-precision decimal and non-decimal arithmetic

Alternatively, instead supply the (default) "format":"json" and the API will encode numbers directly in JSON.

Regarding Masquerading

As the Wyre API may be used in a custodial context; this means that a single account may have permission to act on behalf of subaccount. To assist maintaining firm barriers between account permissions (creating an extra barrier of protection), when acting on behalf of a specific account we require explicitly declaring this via the masqueradeAs parameter.

This parameter must be passed as a query parameter and not via the body! Alternatively, you may use the masquerading API for a more natural declaration.


const WyreClient = require('@wyre/api').WyreClient
let wyre = new WyreClient({
    format: "json_numberstring",
    // baseUrl: "https://api.testwyre.com" // todo uncomment this line to use the testwyre environment
    .then(account => {
        console.log("I am Wyre account ", account.id);
    err => {
        console.log("Problems, cap'n: ", err);

You're all set to begin coding!

Example API Calls

Attempt a $10 USD->BTC conversion:

wyre.post("/transfers", {
    sourceAmount: "10",
    sourceCurrency: "USD",
    destCurrency: "BTC",
    dest: "account:" + account.id
}).then(successCallback, errorCallback)

Upload a document:

var fs = require('fs');
let my_id = fs.readFileSync('./my_id.jpg');
wyre.post('/v3/accounts/' + account.id + '/individualGovernmentId', 
        { headers: { 'Content-Type': 'image/jpeg' }})
    .then(successCallback, errorCallback);

API Reference


let wyre = new WyreClient({/*parameter object*/})

Constructor parameters:

parameter description
apiKey your environment-specific Wyre API key
secretKey your environment-specific Wyre API secret
baseUrl specifies the Wyre environment you'd like to use. please use either:
https://api.sendwyre.com for production
https://api.testwyre.com for testwyre
format the data format you're requesting.
json for straight JSON
json_numberstring for JSON with all decimals as strings (see above]
options options that are passed to the underlying Request for every request

Note that the ability to override options used by the Request client is available both generally as well as per-request.

Timeouts may be adjusted via the options.timeout (expressed in milliseconds). This may be controlled via the constructor, or per-request (as with all options).

Request API

Each of these methods performs a single Wyre API request and returns a promise for the resulting API response.

wyre.get(path, parameters, options)
wyre.post(path, body, options)
wyre.put(path, body, options)
wyre.delete(path, body, options)

Masquerading API

This is an alternative to supplying the masqueradeAs parameter as a query parameter.

// init the wyre client as usual
let wyre = new WyreClient({ /* your master api access setup here */ });
// create another sub-client authenticated as a particular user
let user1_wyre = wyre.masqueraded('AC-ABCDE12345');
// now use that client as normal!
user1_wyre.get('/v3/accounts/AC-ABCDE12345').then(successCallback, failureCallback);


Example error response:

    "language": "en",
    "exceptionId": "8MAM48",
    "compositeType": "",
    "subType": "",
    "message": "Field dest is required.",
    "type": "FieldRequiredException",
    "transient": false


npm i @wyre/api

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