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Canvas Kit Common

A module of common utilities shared across canvas components.


yarn add @workday/canvas-kit-react


yarn add @workday/canvas-kit-react-common


Static Properties


Component Props

This component extends the HTML div element. All additional props that are passed to this component that are valid HTML attributes will be rendered as part of the wrapper div element. This includes custom data-* attributes such as data-test-id to help facilitate automation testing.


anchorElement: Element | null

The reference element used to position the popper.

children: React.ReactNode | ((props: {placement: Placement}) => React.ReactNode)

The element used as the popper.


containerElement: Element

The element that contains the portal children when portal is true.

Default: document.body

open: boolean

Flag to determine whether to show the popper. When true, the popper is shown.

Default: true

placement: Placement

The placement of the popper relative to the anchorElement. Valid placements are:

  • auto
  • top
  • right
  • bottom
  • left

Each placement can have a variation from this list:

  • -start
  • -end

Default: bottom

popperOptions: PopperOptions

Additional options passed to the popper.js instance.

portal: boolean

Flag to determine whether to use a portal for the popper. When false, the popper stays within the DOM hierarchy of it's parent. When true, the popper is attached to the containerElement.

Default: true

Canvas Provider

This provider includes all of the Canvas Providers below. This is the way most consumers should use the provider. This provider is required for our theming capabilities, so you can find more information in the theming documentation.

We strongly encourage you to use this in your application to wrap all Canvas components.

import * as React from 'react';
import {CanvasProvider} from '@workday/canvas-kit-react-common';

<CanvasProvider>{/* All your components containing any Canvas components */}</CanvasProvider>;

Storybook Decorator

We provide a storybook decorator to wrap your stories in a CanvasProvider (including InputProvider) automatically.

Add this decorator to your /.storybook/preview.js configuration file to apply to all stories:

import {CanvasProviderDecorator} from '../utils/storybook';

export const decorators = [CanvasProviderDecorator];

Or, add it to stories individually:

import {CanvasProviderDecorator} from '../../../../utils/storybook';

export default {
  title: 'MyComponent',
  component: MyComponent,
  decorators: [CanvasProviderDecorator],

// OR

MyStory.decorators = [CanvasProviderDecorator];


Theming documentation has its own README. You can find it here.


Bidirectionality is provided by Theming. You can find Theming documentation here.

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