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WooCommerce End to End Test Utilities

This package contains utilities to simplify writing e2e tests specific to WooCommmerce.


npm install @woocommerce/e2e-utils --save



import {
} from '@woocommerce/e2e-utils';

describe( 'Cart page', () => {
	beforeAll( async () => {
		await StoreOwnerFlow.login();
		await createSimpleProduct();
		await StoreOwnerFlow.logout();
	} );

	it( 'should display no item in the cart', async () => {
		await CustomerFlow.goToCart();
		await expect( page ).toMatchElement( '.cart-empty', { text: 'Your cart is currently empty.' } );
	} );
} );

Test Function

Merchant StoreOwnerFlow

Function Parameters Description
login Log in as merchant
logout Log out of merchant account
openAllOrdersView Go to the orders listing
openDashboard Go to the WordPress dashboard
openNewCoupon Go to the new coupon editor
openNewOrder Go to the new order editor
openNewProduct Go to the new product editor
openPermalinkSettings Go to Settings -> Permalinks
openPlugins Go to the Plugins screen
openSettings Go to WooCommerce -> Settings
runSetupWizard Open the onboarding profiler
goToOrder orderId Go to view a single order
updateOrderStatus orderId, status Update the status of an order
---------- ------------- -------------

Shopper CustomerFlow

Function Parameters Description
addToCart Add an item to the cart from a single product page
addToCartFromShopPage productTitle Add an item to the cart from a single product page
fillBillingDetails customerBillingDetails Fill billing fields in checkout form using configured address
fillShippingDetails customerShippingDetails Fill shipping fields in checkout form using configured address
goToAddresses Go to My Account -> Address Details
goToAccountDetails Go to My Account -> Details
goToCart Go to the cart page
goToCheckout Go to the checkout page
goToShop Go to the shop page
goToProduct productId Go to a single product in the shop
goToOrders Go to My Account -> Orders
goToDownloads Go to My Account -> Downloads
login Log in as the shopper
placeOrder Place an order from the checkout page
productIsInCheckout productTitle, quantity, total, cartSubtotal Verify product is in cart on checkout page
removeFromCart productTitle Remove a product from the cart on the cart page
setCartQuantity productTitle, quantityValue Change the quantity of a product on the cart page
---------- ------------ -------------

Page Utilities

Function Parameters Description
clearAndFillInput selector, value Replace the contents of an input with the passed value
clickTab tabName Click on a WooCommerce -> Settings tab
settingsPageSaveChanges Save the current WooCommerce settings page
permalinkSettingsPageSaveChanges Save the current Permalink settings
setCheckbox selector Check a checkbox
unsetCheckbox selector Uncheck a checkbox
uiUnblocked Wait until the page is unblocked
verifyPublishAndTrash button, publishNotice, publishVerification, trashVerification Verify that an item can be published and trashed
verifyCheckboxIsSet selector Verify that a checkbox is checked
verifyCheckboxIsUnset selector Verify that a checkbox is unchecked
verifyValueOfInputField selector, value Verify an input contains the passed value
clickFilter selector Click on a list page filter
moveAllItemsToTrash Moves all items in a list view to the Trash
---------- ------------ -------------

Test Utilities

As of version 0.1.2, all test utilities from @wordpress/e2e-test-utils are available through this package.




npm i @woocommerce/e2e-utils

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