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WooCommerce Core End to End Test Suite

This package contains the automated end-to-end tests for WooCommerce.

Table of contents


Setting up the test environment

Follow E2E setup instructions.

Setting up core tests

Version 0.2.0 or newer

Version 0.2.0 added a test installer that will populate the tests/e2e/specs folder with test scripts for all the current core test suite. It also creates sample configuration files including all the configuration data needed to run the core tests.

  • Install the e2e-environment npm install @woocommerce/e2e-environment --save-dev
  • Run the installer npx wc-e2e install @woocommerce/e2e-core-tests
  • Merge the sample configuration files:
    • tests/e2e/docker/woocommerce.e2e-core-tests.sh => initialize.sh
    • tests/e2e/config/default-woocommerce.e2e-core-tests.json => default.json

Version 0.1.X or other test runner

  • Create the folder tests/e2e/specs in your repository if it does not exist.
  • To add a core test to your test suite, create a new .test.js file within tests/e2e/specs . Example code to run all the shopper tests:
const { runShopperTests } = require( '@woocommerce/e2e-core-tests' );


Retrying/Re-running tests

On a new site, the setup and activation tests prepare the site for the remainder of the tests. To retry/rerun the test suite on a site where setup/onboarding test have already run use the environment variable E2E_RETEST=1.

Test functions

The functions to access the core tests are:

Activation and setup

  • runSetupOnboardingTests - Run all setup and onboarding tests
    • runActivationTest - Merchant can activate WooCommerce
    • runOnboardingFlowTest - Merchant can complete onboarding flow
    • runTaskListTest - Merchant can complete onboarding task list
    • runInitialStoreSettingsTest - Merchant can complete initial settings


  • runMerchantTests - Run all merchant tests
    • runAddShippingClassesTest - Merchant can create shipping classes and let shopper test them
    • runAddNewShippingZoneTest - Merchant can create shipping zones and let shopper test them
    • runAddSimpleProductTest - Merchant can create a simple product
    • runAddVariableProductTest - Merchant can create a variable product
    • runCreateCouponTest - Merchant can create coupon
    • runCreateOrderTest - Merchant can create order
    • runMerchantOrdersCustomerPaymentPage - Merchant can visit the customer payment page
    • runMerchantOrderEmailsTest - Merchant can receive order emails and resend emails by Order Actions
    • runEditOrderTest - Merchant can edit an order in the dashboard
    • runOrderStatusFilterTest - Merchant can filter orders by order status
    • runOrderRefundTest - Merchant can refund an order
    • runOrderApplyCouponTest - Merchant can apply a coupon to an order
    • runOrderSearchingTest - Merchant can search for order via different terms
    • runProductEditDetailsTest - Merchant can edit an existing product
    • runProductSearchTest - Merchant can search for a product and view it
    • runProductSettingsTest - Merchant can update product settings
    • runTaxSettingsTest - Merchant can update tax settings
    • runUpdateGeneralSettingsTest - Merchant can update general settings
    • runMerchantOrderEmailsTest - Merchant can receive order emails and resend emails by Order Actions
    • runAnalyticsPageLoadsTest - Merchant can load and see all pages in Analytics
    • runImportProductsTest - Merchant can import products via CSV file
    • runInitiateWccomConnectionTest - Merchant can initiate connection to WooCommerce.com
    • runAdminPageLoadTests - Merchant can load pages from the WP Admin sidebar


  • runShopperTests - Run all shopper tests
    • runCartApplyCouponsTest - Shopper can use coupons on cart
    • runCartPageTest - Shopper can view and update cart
    • runCheckoutApplyCouponsTest - Shopper can use coupons on checkout
    • runCheckoutPageTest - Shopper can complete checkout
    • runMyAccountPageTest - Shopper can access my account page
    • runMyAccountPayOrderTest - Shopper can pay for their order in My Account
    • runProductBrowseSearchSortTest - Shopper can browse, search & sort products
    • runSingleProductPageTest - Shopper can view single product page in many variations (simple, variable, grouped)
    • runVariableProductUpdateTest - Shopper can view and update variations on a variable product
    • runCheckoutCreateAccountTest - Shopper can create an account during checkout
    • runCheckoutLoginAccountTest - Shopper can login to an account during checkout
    • runMyAccountCreateAccountTest - Shopper can create an account via my account page
    • runCartCalculateShippingTest - Shopper can calculate shipping in the cart
    • runCartRedirectionTest - Shopper is redirected to the cart page after adding to cart
    • runOrderEmailReceivingTest - Shopper can receive an email for his order


  • runApiTests - Run all API tests
    • runExternalProductAPITest - Can create, read, and delete an external product
    • runGroupedProductAPITest - Can create, read, and delete a grouped product
    • runVariableProductAPITest - Can create, read, and delete a variable product and its variations
    • runCouponApiTest - Can create, read, and delete a coupon
    • runOrderApiTest - Can create, read, and delete an order

Contributing a new test

  • In your branch create a new example-test-name.test.js under the appropriate folder in the specs directory.
  • Jest does not allow its global functions to be accessed outside the jest environment. To allow the test code to be published in a package import any jest global functions used in your test
const {
} = require( '@jest/globals' );
  • Wrap your test in a function and export it
const runExampleTestName = () => {
	describe('Example test', () => {
		beforeAll(async () => {
			// ...

		it('do some example action', async () => {
            // ...
        // ...

module.exports = runExampleTestName;
const runExampleTestName = require( './grouping/example-test-name.test' );
// ...
module.exports = {
// ...




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