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CSV Export

A set of functions to convert data into CSV values, and enable a browser download of the CSV data.


Install the module

pnpm install @woocommerce/csv-export --save


onClick = () => {
	// Create a file name based on a title and optional query. Will return a timestamped
	// name, for example: revenue-2018-11-01-interval-month.csv
	const name = generateCSVFileName( 'revenue', { interval: 'month' } );

	// Create a string of CSV data, `headers` is an array of row headers, put at the top
	// of the file. `rows` is a 2 dimensional array. Each array is a line in the file,
	// separated by newlines. The second-level arrays are the data points in each row.
	// For header format, see https://woocommerce.github.io/woocommerce-admin/#/components/table?id=headers-2
	// For rows format, see https://woocommerce.github.io/woocommerce-admin/#/components/table?id=rows-1
	const data = generateCSVDataFromTable( headers, rows );

	// Triggers a browser UI to save a file, named the first argument, with the contents of
	// the second argument.
	downloadCSVFile( name, data );

generateCSVDataFromTable(headers, rows) ⇒ String

Generates a CSV string from table contents

Returns: String - Table contents in a CSV format

Param Type Description
headers Array.<Object> Object with table header information
rows Array.Array.<Object> Object with table rows information

generateCSVFileName([name], [params]) ⇒ String

Generates a file name for CSV files based on the provided name, the current date and the provided params, which are all appended with hyphens.

Returns: String - Formatted file name

Param Type Default Description
[name] String '' Name of the file
[params] Object {} Object of key-values to append to the file name

downloadCSVFile(fileName, content)

Downloads a CSV file with the given file name and contents

Param Type Description
fileName String Name of the file to download
content String Contents of the file to download

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