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Create Woo Extension scaffolds a fully functional modern development environment for integrating with WooCommerce. Use it to build extensions leveraging the power of WooCommerce.

Configuration Free

With build tooling already configured, getting started developing modern Javascript screens requires no effort. Create Woo Extension adds a React page integrating with WooCommerce Admin. Also included are PHP and Javascript unit testing, linting, and Prettier IDE confguration for WooCommerce and WordPress.

Add a project inside of your favorite environment setup or use the built in wp-env for easily setting up a local WordPress environment for building and testing plugins and themes. wp-env is configured to load the latest WooCommerce to easily start developing with a single command.


npx @wordpress/create-block -t @woocommerce/create-woo-extension my-extension-name

Navigate to the newly created folder and get started.

cd my-extension-name
npm install # Install dependencies
npm run build # Build the javascript
npm -g i @wordpress/env # If you don't already have wp-env
wp-env start # Start Wordpress environment

See the new plugin activated from the WordPress plugins page and navigate to http://localhost:8888/wp-admin/admin.php?page=wc-admin&path=%2Fmy-extension-name to check it out.


For development on this tool itself, you can also install from a local directory.

npx @wordpress/create-block -t ./path/to/woocommerce/packages/js/create-woo-extension my-extension-name

This is a template to used with @wordpress/create-block to create a WooCommerce Extension starting point.




npm i @woocommerce/create-woo-extension

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