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This packages includes a library of components that can be used to create pages in the WooCommerce dashboard and reports pages.


Install the module

pnpm install @woocommerce/components --save


 * WooCommerce dependencies
import { Card } from '@woocommerce/components';

export default function MyCard() {
  return (
    <Card title="Store Performance" description="Key performance metrics">
      <p>Your stuff in a Card.</p>

Many components include CSS to add style, you will need to add in order to appear correctly. Within WooCommerce, add the wc-components stylesheet as a dependency of your plugin's stylesheet. See wp_enqueue_style documentation for how to specify dependencies.

In non-WordPress projects, link to the build-style/card/style.css file directly, it is located at node_modules/@woocommerce/components/build-style/<component_name>/style.css.

Usage with tests

If you are using these components in a project that uses Jest for testing, you may get an error that looks like this:

Cannot find module '@woocommerce/settings' from 'node_modules/@woocommerce/experimental/node_modules/@woocommerce/navigation/build/index.js'

To fix this, you will need to mock the @woocommerce/settings because it's an alias that points to the window.wcSettings, which in turn comes from and is maintained by the WC Blocks package, the front-end code for this is located here.

This can be done by adding the following to your Jest config:

module.exports = {
  moduleNameMapper: {
    '@woocommerce/settings': path.resolve(
  setupFiles: [
    path.resolve( __dirname, 'build/setup-globals.js' ),
  // ...other config

Then, you will need to create the following files:

  1. Create a new file called woocommerce-settings.js in the ./mock directory. You can find the content for this file here.
  2. Next, create a file named setup-globals.js. You can find the content for this file here. The purpose of this file is to mock the wcSettings global variable.

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