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    A command line xlf to txt converter (for use with Coastline).


    You can install the helper globally:

    npm i -g @wearesponge/xlf2txt

    or install it as part of your project:

    npm i --save @wearesponge/xlf2txt

    Add the following two tasks to to package.json of your coastline project.



    This conversion script was created to allow clients who are not tech/XLIFF savy, to use for instance, Excel, to translate their Coastline course content. It is to be used in conjuction with Coastline's translation:export and translation:import commands.

    Within your Coastline project xlf2txt can be used to convert an XLIFF file into a newline delimited .txt file, which can be pasted into, for instance, Excel, and sent over to a client for translation. Once the Excel file has been translated, you can then convert the translated text back into an XLIFF file by pasting the translated text from the Excel file directly into a .txt file, placing it in import\translation\txt2xlf, and then by using the translation:txt2xlf command.

    When using the translation:txt2xlf command for conversion back to .xlf, the original .xlf file is required to be used as a template for the conversion. You will be prompted for this when running the command.

    Commands Description
    translation:xlf2txt Converts all .xlf files within export\translation to .txt, and outputs files to export\translation\xlf2txt
    translation:txt2xlf Prompts user to select .txt file within import\translation\txt2xlf to convert to .xlf, and outputs to import\translation

    Note: ONLY works with XLIFF 1.2.


    .xlf to txt conversion (export)

    1. Export XLIFF from Coastline by using npm run translation:export and choose 'XLIFF 1.2', and 'Comtec'
    2. Convert XLIFF into text by using npm run translation:xlf2txt
    3. Copy contents of converted text file into for example, an Excel spreadsheet
    4. Send Excel spreadsheet to client for translation. Note: Client may need to be informed on what shouldn't be translated. E.g HTML tags, Mustaches, etc.

    .txt to xlf conversion (import)

    1. Recieve translated Excel spreadsheet
    2. Create .txt file named as per the country code (E.g fr.txt, ru.txt, de.txt etc.) in import\translation\txt2xlf.
    3. Copy translated column of Excel spreadsheet into this file and save.
    4. Use npm run translation:txt2xlf to convert the text file back to an XLIFF
    5. Import translated XLIFF back into Coastline using npm run translation:import


    npm i @wearesponge/xlf2txt

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