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WarpJS ElasticSearch plugin

ElasticSearch implementation for the search plugin for WarpJS.


Add the following configuration to the plugins list:

  "name": "ElasticSearch plugin",
  "moduleName": "@warp-works/warpjs-elasticsearch-plugin",
  "path": "/search",
  "type": "search",
  "config": {
    "host": "http://localhost:9200",
    "indexName": "warpjs",
    "pageSize": 10


plugin(config, warpCore, Persistence)

Prepare the plugin to be used.

plugin.getDocument(config, type, id)

Retrieve the document.

plugin.indexDocument(config, persistence, entity, instance)

Add the given instance to the index.

plugin.indexDomain(config, warpCore)

Index the entire domain.


Create the index and mapping. The index name is config.indexName and the type is config.domainName. The current mapping can be found in mapping.js.


Generate an ID for the indexing service. This will generate an ID from ${instance.type}:${}.

plugin.entity.payload(persistence, entity, instance)

This function generate the payload to be used to add to the indexing service.


Returns the URL where to make GET / POST calls.