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    Vue Storefront CLI


    Init new project

    yarn cli init
    yarn cli init <projectName>

    Create new commands

    To create a new command you have to create Typescript file in src/commands e.g. src/commands/my-command.ts. Then inside you should export the default function that takes one argument - an array of strings. Check src/commands/init.ts if you need a working example. Signature:

    (args: string[]): void

    args is an array of arguments that begins from the first argument after the command. E.g. for yarn cli my-command a b c it would be ['a', 'b', 'c'].
    src/index.ts always tries to call exported function from src/commands/<used_command>.ts.

    Module installed globally via yarn does not work

    If you have used yarn global add @vue-storefront/cli@next and everything went well. Then while using vsf command you are getting Command 'vsf' not found, did you mean: - below I will show you solution for this problem.

    It means you do not have path to yarn global binaries in your $PATH system variable. You can check that with this command:

    echo $PATH | grep $(yarn global bin);

    If there is no output - it means that you have to add output of yarn global bin command to your $PATH variable.

    If you want to make it work only in current terminal session - use:

    export PATH="$(yarn global bin):$PATH";

    If you want to make it work permanently, you have to add it to your ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc file. More information click here

    How to generate and publish your template of integration?

    If you want to generate a template of your integration for VSF Next, you need to follow those steps:

    1. Install VSF cli globally (yarn global add @vue-storefront/cli)
    2. In your terminal cd to the folder with your integration theme (it's usually in packages/theme). Make sure _theme folder is generated inside of it (you can generate it with yarn dev)
    3. Execute command vsf generate-template <your-template-name> (e.g.: vsf generate-template commercetools)
    4. Create a new Github repository.
    5. cd into <your-template-name> and push it to the github repository.
    6. Test with cd <your-template-name> && yarn && yarn dev




    npm i @vue-storefront/cli

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