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Contributors and PRs welcome

Hello everyone. vue-bootstrap-autocomplete is a continuation of where vue-typeahead-bootstrap left off. To move this project forward again, every contribution is welcome. Fixing bugs, adding features, improving documentation, every bit helps so don't be afraid to open a pull request. I won't bite, I promise.


A simple list-group based typeahead/autocomplete using Bootstrap 4 and Vue 2

Preview image of the vue-bootstrap-autocomplete component

Here are some live examples, give them a try here.

Getting Started

Getting started guide is here.


Docs are here.


Please note that active development is done on the main branch. PR's are welcome! Here are the basic steps to get going.

Here are the steps to getting the project to work locally:

  1. Clone the repo: git clone git@github.com:drikusroor/vue-bootstrap-autocomplete.git
  2. npm ci
  3. vuepress dev docs
  4. Open a browser and go to localhost:8080
  • Then to run tests: npm run test:unit

2.13.0 Release - Migration Necessary

If you were using a version prior to 2.13.0, you'll need to change all references of vue-bootstrap-typeahead or vue-typeahead-bootstrap to vue-bootstrap-autocomplete and of VueBootstrapTypeahead or VueTypeaheadBootstrap to VueBootstrapAutocomplete.


Replace old by new:

Old New
vue-bootstrap-typeahead vue-bootstrap-autocomplete
vue-typeahead-bootstrap vue-bootstrap-autocomplete
VueBootstrapTypeahead VueBootstrapAutocomplete
VueTypeaheadBootstrap VueBootstrapAutocomplete

The original projects lost its maintainers, and we picked it up to keep it moving.

More info here if you're interested:

Local Examples/Demo

Clone this repository and run vuepress dev docs. Then, navigate to http://localhost:8080/vue-bootstrap-autocomplete-docs/ to launch the documentation and examples. The source is in docs/README.md and docs/.vuepress


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