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This package exports strongly-typed client and server implementations for the Chrome DevTools Protocol. These implementations are extensible with additional domains, and some handling of sessions and sockets is also included out of the box.


Most likely, you're using this as a consumer of a CDP server (e.g. a browser or js-debug).

import { Connection, WebSocketTransport } from '@vscode/cdp';

// Acquire your connection to a browser, somehow, and then create a typed CDP wrapper.
const myWebSocket = await connectToBrowser();
const cdpClient = Connection.client(new WebSocketTransport(myWebSocket));

// You can then call methods in a strongly-typed way...
await cdpClient.rootSession.api.Debugger.enable();

// and also listen to them!
cdpClient.rootSession.api.Debugger.onPaused(evt => {

Advanced Scenarios

Custom Domains

By default, the Connection.client will by typed with the domains exposed by V8 and Chrome. However, this package also exports the undocumented Node.js-specific domains, and you can mix in custom domains. For example:

import { Connection, WebSocketTransport, CdpV8, CdpBrowser, CdpNode } from '@vscode/cdp';
// Uses "MyCustomDomains" from the Server Implementation section below:
type AllMyDomains = CdpV8.Domains & CdpBrowser.Domains & CdpNode.Domains & MyCustomDomains;
const cdpClient = Connection.client<AllMyDomains>(new WebSocketTransport(myWebSocket));

Server Implementation

You can also implement a CDP server. Once again, this is all strongly-typed. You'll want to pass in a generic to Connection.server which is a map of domain names to IDomain interfaces, which define methods and events:

interface MyCustomDomains {
	Greeter: {
		events: {
			didGreet: { params: string };
		requests: {
			hello: {
				params: { name: string; emit?: boolean; throw?: boolean };
				result: { greeting: string };

webSocketServer.on('connection', ws => {
	const cdpServer = Connection.server<MyCustomDomains>(new WebSocketTransport(ws));

	cdpServer.rootSession.api = {
		Greeter: {
			async hello(client, args) {
				return { greeting: `Hello ${args.name}!` };


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